We offer a range of services for organizations, communities and individuals looking to create value from what they already have

Liability Conversion Assessment

Our team will take a look at your portfolio or specific site to assess whether you have some hidden gems ripe for conversion to an asset.
Whether you're an oil and gas producer, an Indigenous community, a landowner or anyone else, we would love to chat with you. 


Nuts and Bolts Workshop

Senior Leadership or Board Strategy sessions

Key strategic or technical meetings 

Do you hate meetings yet still seem have so many of them?

Does your team struggle to come to resolution of an issue by the end of the scheduled meeting time and persistently schedules follow up meetings? 
Do you have multiple meetings before the meeting?
Do team members feel more disengaged after meetings than before them? 

This 90-minute workshop will lead your entire team through the nuts and bolts to effective meetings. This will set you all up with the tools to improve your decision-making efficiency as a team


Does your leadership team struggle to reach conclusion by the end of your strategy session?

Do you leave more confused about your team’s priorities than you started out? 

Our team will work with key leaders in advance of the session
to identify the best meeting structure and support to deliver those key decisions and leadership alignment. 

Is there a topic or decision that you simply need to nail?

These types of topics can be: irreversible decisions, highly technical and interconnected problems or ones laced with sensitive staffing or interpersonal issues. 

Our facilitators will work with a key leader to identify your issue, then collaboratively design the best approach to resolving it.

$3000 – includes consultation and design, facilitation of one day strategy session, and session notes.

Free Consultation

Organizational Effectiveness

Your organization is great! But could it be better? Of course it could. Find out how to enhance value within the superb organization you already have.


Personality Dimensions

Team Building

Often challenges of org effectiveness are noticed through the display of symptoms that are rooted in deeper issues. Symptoms can present in the following ways:

Low employee engagement
Lack of leadership alignment prioritizing and resourcing key strategic initiatives
Decisions that get re-visited over and over
Frequent organizational structure changes
Constantly changing strategic priorities


Sometimes referred to as "Colours", Personality Dimensions is about understanding yourself and others so you can be more effective in your relationships, your work and ultimately, your life.

 Use Personality Dimensions to build effective communication within your teams, and take your team performance to the next level.  Workshops are a minimum of 4 hours, and can be enhanced to full day sessions.

Book the extra time and have fun tackling topics like:  Conflict management, Leadership Development, Team Building and work-life balance.


We will work with the team leader to identify the best way to align their team or enhance their effectiveness. From simple exercises the leader can implement themselves to full day facilitated sessions. It’s completely customizable for your budget and level of comfort.
Project based or hourly options available. $250/hr

Workshops starting at $4000*
*discounts available for non-profits, call to discuss pricing

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Public Speaking

No matter your event, we will blow you away!

Juli loves engaging with audiences of all varieties and bringing her fresh approach to the conversation about Energy and the Environment.

She has captivated and inspired audiences as a keynote presenter, in industry panels, and intimate workshops. 

Juli’s technical background combined with a deep respect for the earth and unbridled optimism are a winning combination. Your attendees will leave the session with a renewed sense of hope about their role in this challenging world. 
Starting at $2500, call for customization


Please direct service inquiries to:
Juli Rohl
Cochrane, AB 
(403) 477-4525