We have teamed up with some of the best people in the world 
(if we do say so ourselves)

By tapping in to a global network, we are elevating the possibilities for Alberta. 

Our Community

  • Juli Rohl
    Founder and CEO
    Juli is driven by the question “How can the remnants of this industry build capital rather than reduce it?” 
  • Shawna Stirrett
    Co-Founder, Director
    Shawna has always been interested in how people are organized and the drivers of social change.
  • Joy Ishigo
    Joy is excited to work with ReGenerate Alberta to transform their progressive ideas into financial successes for the energy industry. 
  • Billy-Jo Lafortune
    Co-Founder, Advisor
    Billy-Jo believes that by combining the passion of people with the potential of technology we can create the economic, environmental, and social climate of a great place to live. 
How we build community

Where we draw our inspiration

These organizations are leading our society into the future. 


Accelerating the transition to a circular economy. 


Unlocking Alberta's Clean Hydrocarbon Future

Energy Futures Lab

Creating the energy system the future requires of us.

The Natural Step

Accelerating change. Together.