Oil and gas liabilities can be assets again

By finding new ways to reuse and re-purpose the things oil and gas companies are leaving behind,
we are building the solutions for tomorrow. 

Creating value from what already exists

ReGenerate Alberta wants to help transform the development of oil and gas into a full life cycle industry, one that leaves communities better than they found them. By finding new ways to reuse and repurpose the things oil and gas companies are leaving behind, we can build the solutions for tomorrow.

Is there opportunity in this disaster?

This idea was born out of a desire to transform the oil and gas industry. When we started out, Alberta was entering its third year of low oil prices, companies were going bankrupt, thousands of oil and gas workers were being laid off, and the number of inactive and orphan wells in the province was growing at a rapid rate. The idea that kick started the project was simple: what if, rather than seeing this downturn as a disaster, we started thinking about it as an opportunity? What if we could find new ways to reuse and repurpose the things that the oil and gas companies were leaving behind—the people, equipment, material, and infrastructure—and transform them into the solutions for tomorrow?


What we do

ReGenerate Alberta is working to inspire others to use their skills to capitalize on this giant opportunity.
Our power lies not only in the company we own, but the company we keep. 

We partner with individuals and organizations keen to transform the landscape of oil and gas development in Alberta. We develop projects that add value to communities, families and organizations. 
What is being done?
We are energized by the amount of progress that's happening in Alberta. Check out these examples by other organizations. 
Wellsites to Solar Farms
Renuwell Demonstration Pilot

Energy Storage at an Abandoned Coal Mine
Canyon Creek Project 
Lithium from Oil Wells
E3 Metals Alberta Lithium Project

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